Consolidating profitable cannabis operators

into a scalable public company, led by a team with 100+ years of cannabis experience


We are a vertically optimized Cannabis company

That fuels growth through the rollup of private acquisitions, led by an experienced team of cannabis operating professionals.


of cannabis & corporate experience by a corporate roll-up experience talented leadership team


Independent cannabis operating companies with $2B of sales

Mature Markets

of entrepreneurs ready to exit


with existing operations for diversity of risk

Public Company

allowing for a private to public arbitrage and investor liquidity


Cannabis market is mainstream & pandemic proof

With 38 US states legalized for medicinal use and 19 states for recreational use, the US is projected to have sales of $22B by 2022 & $38B by 2025.


1,500 Independent Operators With $2B In Sales Ready To Exit

Private Value

0.5x - 1.5x of Revenue

Public Value

4x - 12x of Revenue

  • Mature Cannabis Markets have stability in regulatory environment & continue to grow.
  • Vertical Integration has proven the key to the greatest profitability in the cannabis industry.


  • Many mature cannabis market entrepreneurs have been working for 5+ years and are ready to monetize.

  • Mature cannabis markets are fragmented with over 65% owned by Independent Operators: 1,500 businesses & $2B of sales.

  • Target Acquisitions can be acquired for an average of 1.0x of Sales and be publicly trading for 4x – 12x of Sales.

What Makes Us Different

Our 4 P's


100+ Years Of Vertically Operated Cannabis

Expertise Including Cultivation,
Supply Chain & Retail

Skilled in integration

Point of Sale Distribution

15 Targeted Anchor Retail
Dispensaries To Roll In.

1,500 Stores To Target From Mature Markets

50+ Corporate Retail Stores Expected By mid 2022 In US & Canada


Mature Profitable Assets That Make More Profits Through Unified’s Vertically Integrated Operations and Standardized, Optimized Systems

Publicly Traded

One of the Few Publicly Traded Companies with Retail in Process in 2 Countries.


Four options to participate

Diversified opportunities to meet your investment criteria.

Direct Equity Into Public Company

Convertible Debt W/warrants

Cannabis Real Estate

Cannabis Fund Partner