100+ years experience in the cannabis industry.

Expertise Including Cultivation, Supply Chain & Retail

What Makes Us Different

Our 4 P's


100+ Years Of Vertically Operated Cannabis

Expertise Including Cultivation,
Supply Chain & Retail

Skilled in integration

Point of Sale Distribution

15 Targeted Anchor Retail
Dispensaries To Roll In.

1,500 Stores To Target From Mature Markets

50+ Corporate Retail Stores Expected By mid 2022 In US & Canada


Mature Profitable Assets That Make More Profits Through Unified’s Vertically Integrated Operations and Standardized, Optimized Systems

Publicly Traded

One of the Few Publicly Traded Companies with Retail in Process in 2 Countries.



Based in Denver, Colorado (the most mature legalized cannabis market) and Calgary, Canada (the most maturely regulated Canadian retail market) the Leadership Team is comprised of executives:

  • From both the U.S. and Canada

  • With M&A integration expertise through to exit;

  • With public company operating experience;

  • With 100+ years of cannabis cultivation to the retail experience.


Point of Sale Locations

  • Retail controls the end game and is the barrier point of entry for product manufacturers & cultivators

  • Unified is targeting a 10% market share of corporate retail stores in each of its three core markets (Colorado, Oregon, Alberta) within 36 months

  • There are 1,500 targeted Mom & Pop retail stores in the 3 mature markets, with over $2B of retail sales

  • Unified has 15 retail dispensary targets within its three core markets as Anchors



Profits Through Vertical Optimization

  • Vertical Optimization is the complete integration of cannabis from cultivation to retail PLUS the supply chain.
  • Unified’s supply chain assets include: software, grow technology, packaging, brands, payments, buying groups and other operational aspects of the cannabis industry.
  • Unified is the only company with complete supply chain assets making it one of the most profitable companies in the industry.



Public Company with Retail in Process in Two Countries

  • Unified will be the only public company with retail locations in two countries.
  • Unified will be one of the only vertically integrated profitable public company in two countries.
  • Roll-in targets have an alignment of interests since they are taking pubco stock.

  • Two countries contributing to the public company help mitigate overall risk for investors.