Leadership Team

Paul Lufkin

Founder & Chairman

Paul is a M&A and finance professional with a specialty in small business consolidations, having performed 39 M&A transactions as an owner/operator and/or investor. As one of the only Canadians who has lived in Colorado through cannabis legalization he performed early M&A as the industry was chaotically evolving. He’s able to bring unique perspectives to support the Canadian market as it becomes more profitable and share Canadian scalability experiences to the US markets as Unified helps consolidate them.

Scott Conners

Head of Finance

Scott has a long history of assisting businesses across multiple industries with their finance and business development initiatives. From investment banking to corporate finance and pro forma forecasting; Scott brings a level of leadership, execution and success to Unified Global. Working with the team on its expansion initiatives, Scott gives Unified Global the opportunity to scale quickly while maintaining the delicate balance between investment and spending.

David Evelyn

Chief of Canadian Operations

David is an experienced retail management executive in the Canadian cannabis industry, effective in leading multi-functional teams to exceed expectations. As part of the startup team at High Tide Inc (TSX: HITI), he led aggressive timelines to open or acquire stores and then supported the operations as it grew to over 85 stores and becoming Canada’s largest corporately owned cannabis retailer. David has responsibility over Unified’s Canadian operations as it acquires retailers and vertically integrates with its Canadian cultivation facilities.

Kelly Blume

Chief Of Cultivation

Kelly has participated in the commercial cannabis industry for over 12 years. With a B.A. in Accounting and an M.A. in Agriculture, she brings a regenerative approach to scaling commercial cannabis emphasizing the power of the plant to affect change in commercial agricultural practices. Kelly has been a licensee in both Oregon and Colorado, and has worked in multiple environments from indoor facilities, greenhouse operations, and outdoor crop production.

Sanja Carson

Chief of Marketing & Retail Experience

Sanja has spent 12 years working in the cannabis industry rising to become GM of one of Colorado’s leading vertically integrated cultivation and retail dispensaries. She then pivoted to a cannabis branding and marketing company followed by moving to Oregon to launch a new cultivation facility where she obtained top shelf pricing for their flower product. Sanja has subsequently created the “Sanja Ganja” brand through an online educational broadcast about cannabis. Sanja is directing Unified’s internal and external cannabis experiences.

Michael Lamb

Head of Capital Markets and ESG Advisor

Michael has a long successful record in management and sales in the domestic institutional fixed income capital markets and wealth management with primary broker dealers. After leaving Morgan Stanley, Michael designed and developed the hedge fund, Medicus LP that invests in profitable publicly traded equities that touches the Cannabis sector. When he was with the RIA, Winslow Drake, he managed two Cannabis sleeves that invested in profitable publicly traded equities: one plant touching and the other non-plant touching. The focus is to keep relationships in the trenches of the Cannabis industry to be nimble and change with the market.

Michael is assisting Unified in capital raising and ESG implementations.

Advisory Board Members

Jonathan Denis

Advisory Board Chair

Jonathan is a partner at Guardian Law LLP in Calgary, Alberta. Jonathan served as Alberta’s 23rd Attorney General during his two terms as a Member of the Alberta Legislature (MLA). Jonathan is a director of the Canadian Cannabis Chamber and has numerous cannabis clients. He is focused on ensuring a proper balance between the rights of legitimate cannabis businesses and public safety.

Dr. Aasim Malik

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Malik is a Canadian physician who is a pioneer in prescribing medical CBD cannabis to patients. Originally opposed to cannabis while he managed addictions clinics, he began to see the research illustrating the benefits of the plant. Today, Dr. Malik has over 1,000 patients that he regularly treats with different strains of cannabis for pain, anxiety, PTSD, with a particular focus on sleep disorders for first responders. Over 95% of his patients are over the age of 40 and 90% are shift workers. As Chief of Unified’s Medical Advisory Board, he provides the realities of patients and medical community experiences.

Krysta Jones

Cultivation & Marketing Advisor

Krysta is the owner of “The High Country Girls”, a branding, advertising and modeling agency for the cannabis industry. Since 2009, she’s been helping lead in cultivation as well as in retail dispensaries in Denver. She then joined a cultivation start-up project successfully helping establish one of Oregon’s biggest cultivators. Krysta advises on the latest cultivation methodologies, industry trends and Unified will be bring the THC Girls brand into the Canadian market.

Grant Moreau

Manufacturing & Retail Advisor

Grant is a seasoned Canadian executive with multiple years growing small companies to leading teams for Fortune 300 companies. With experience with multiple mergers and acquisitions integrations, he’s a team builder that unites organizations and grows sales with a keen eye to the bottom line. With careers in both retail and manufacturing, Grant brings a unique blend of expertise and leadership to advise on Unified’s Canadian vertical integration strategy.

Richard C. Wilson

Investor Relations Advisor

Richard C. Wilson has helped raise over $250M and built a $5 Billion+ buy-side advisory business now under contract with 3 billionaires, over 20 centi millionaires, and a few $10M+ families.Richard is also founder of the Family Office Club with over 1,600global registered investors, and he is the author of the #1 bestselling book “Capital Raising: The 5-Step System for Raising Capital from Private Investors.” Richard has conducted over 25 live full day investor relations workshops and is one of the top trainers and thought leaders globally on how to raise capital.

Captain Jolanda Witvliet

Product Development Advisorand Lobbyist

Captain Witvliet has an extensive background in the aviation industry spanning over 40 years. Her experience reaches beyond the flight deck as she has been heavily involved in pilot instruction, production of training manuals, app development, creating educational videos, and written countless articles plus is a published author. She has also spent time collaborating with the FAA on regulatory matters.

Working with Unified Global’s Medical Advisors, Jolanda is supporting the development of CBD products for airline industry employees. She will be lobbying for an amendment of regulations that currently prohibits use of CBD and other THC products to treat common health issues.

Molly Hennessy

ERP & Compliance Advisor

Molly has worked in the cannabis industry, from the ground up, having worked in dispensaries and cultivation facilities before spending the last 6 years implementing ERP/seed to sale software, specifically the Adilas platform, into multiple verticals in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Canada. Molly has maintained a special interest in inventory control and compliance within the industry with the belief that transparency and adaptation to new rules and regulations will allow the cannabis industry to succeed. With an education in Business and a background in Health Care Management, Molly brings a compliant and collaborative approach to the emerging cannabis industry